Onsite and remote IT support services

If you are looking for an affordable, efficient, way to expand your resources and improve your IT infrastructure, Extension technology can help you. We offer both onsite and remote IT support services for small to medium businesses.The obvious benefit of outsourcing is that it mitigates the need for all the necessary upkeep of hardware, software and staff. It also means you aren’t limited by what tech you can afford. Instead by paying a subscription fee, you can have access to an expert team with the latest equipment and software to help ensure your business’s IT infrastructure runs at optimal level.

Remote IT support

Part of our support services include installing a remote agent onto all computers. This allows our team to gain remote access as needed. The advantage is that with a phone call we can be on your computer solving the problem, so there’s no call-out fee or prolonged wait for the issue to be resolved. The size of your business will determine the level of support you require, and we offer different packages to suit businesses of all sizes.

Onsite IT support

In some cases, remote access can’t solve the problem, or the issue is partially a hardware one, we can send an expert team member out to solve the issue onsite. However, we will only do this is remoting it can’t solve the problem.If you would like to know more about our support service packages, and how Extension Technology can help you, please contact us today.