Managed IT support services by Extension Technology

As part of Extension Technology’s support offering, we install a remote agent onto all computers. This allows us to gain remote access when support is required. No job or issue is too small in this scenario as we no longer need to send tech’s onsite which would incur travel and time costs. Our support plans differ in cost depending on the size of the business, and how many devices you are wanting on the support plan. This allows that user to call us at any given time during business hours to have support staff investigate and resolve any issues they are experiencing. If your business has a server onsite, or in the cloud we also have the capability to add this onto your support plan.

How managed IT support services work

Using cloud technology, incredibly robust software systems, and high-speed internet connections, your IT infrastructure can be made more powerful, secure, reliable. Extension Technology have invested in leading edge technology to provides you with comprehensive monitoring and protection to help fix problems before they have a chance to cause your business any serious problems.Some features of managed IT support:
  • Remote backup
  • Constant monitoring
  • Proactive management
  • After-hours update, so your business isn’t interrupted.

Remote/onsite support

Remote IT support and onsite IT support are a necessity for any business of any size. And the great thing is, you don’t have to have an in-house team for this work. In many cases it is far mor affordable and efficient to hire managed IT support to setup, manage and maintain your IT infrastructure.Working with a managed IT support company is more affordable because you’re paying for the time of that company, rather than having to buy all the necessary hardware and software to establish, maintain and sustain an in-house team. Add to that the cost of hiring an IT specialist capable of handling all your IT infrastructure needs, and it’s no wonder working with a skilled and experienced team like Extension Technology is an incredibly affordable and efficient solution for all your IT support needs.Especially, when you consider that we are able to do much more than just support, we can also set up your internet and provide a better deal than retailer. We can help with your software, phone, and security needs.If you would like to know more, please visit our page on remote/onsite support services, or get in touch with us today.

Software and support

Extension Technology offer access and setup of applications such as Microsoft office 365, Evernote, Google drive, POS software, Medical Software, Auto CAD and many more. Often, we will be able to provide better pricing over retail as we have access to wholesaling offers from partnering with these application providers.Extension Technology will also be the first call for support instead of users having to try and get in touch with these businesses for support, or searching the internet for answers. Being able to speak directly with the team who set up the software for you, will quite often result in the problem being solved faster than having to wait for an answer from someone like Microsoft or Google’s support teams.

Internet and support

Most, if not all, businesses rely on the internet in-office to ensure they can service and continue business as usual. Extension Technology can provide highly reliable internet connections via wholesaling with Telstra, AAPT, and TPG.We provide SLA’s (service level agreements) that ensure if an issue does occur, it will be resolved within a certain timeframe. These internet connections will often come with (if required and if viable) a backup solution, so even if the main internet connection goes down, there will be a secondary connection available (4/5G, connection with another provider).When issues do occur, a member of Extension Technology will be the first point of call, and you won’t have to ever have to contact Telstra/AAPT to try and get them to resolve the issue. Extension Technology have direct access to higher levels of support from these providers, as well as more access and visibility over the connection at the provider’s end.

Workstation/Laptop Support

Our team provide general support to computers and laptops. We can also support and assist with some applications given the businesses requirements (i.e. assisting with POS software issues, or Medical imaging applications).As part of some of support packages we offer management and security options for devices, such as anti-virus and end point security.Extension Technology can also provide procurement for workstations/laptops, and warranties for the devices. Sometimes businesses know what they need, but many do not know exactly what specs their devices should be to meet user requirements. Our team can help in this area to define exactly what you require, and can also provide access to better pricing than what is available to the consumer market. We are able to do this through access to wholesalers/IT distributors.

Managed IT support services

If you are looking for an affordable, reliable, powerful solution to all your IT support needs, we’ve got your covered. Our expert team have access to the latest software and hardware that, combined with our experience, can help ensure your IT infrastructure stays functioning at optimal levels. And in the event that something goes wrong, we can remote in and help solve the problem on the spot. If the problem is hardware and not software, we can also come out and help solve that issue too.If you would like more information on our managed IT support services, or what packages and solutions we offer, please contact us today.