Office 365 setup and support

Many businesses are using Office 365, Microsoft’s new offering in their product suite. For businesses, this can be used as a way to get the office suite, and also include email accounts and other features such as Skype.Extension Technology offers to manage and setup these accounts. And to also provide better pricing per user over the retail offerings you can get directly from Microsoft.

How your business can benefit from Office 365

Office 365 has many benefits for your business: the two biggest ones are saving money and growth assistance.This is a subscription-based service that can be paid monthly or yearly per user. The monthly option is often popular as it’s easy to manage from a cashflow point of view. You also only have to pay for the parts of the service you’re using rather than a bundle of products you may never even look at.Unlike hardware that is expensive to replace, Office 365 is cloud-based. Which means you will receive access to the latest versions without being out of pocket. Another benefit of Office 365 is that all your staff will be using the same version so there won’t be any compatibility issues between computers and staff members.Office 365 assists with growth because it’s so easy to scale. When you get new team members, you can pay for a new user and we set up their office 365 license: it’s that easy.If you would like to know more about how Extension Technology can help setup and support Office 365 for your business, please contact us today.