Business Phone System (VOIP + PBX)

We offer both cloud and onsite phone systems, and there are many benefits in going digital with the phones. For example: our solution would cater to the use case of the customer. Many people don’t have the need for physical desk phones, and could simply use software installed on a PC to answer and redirect calls to wherever needed, whilst still having a voice prompt and menu for customers to use.

Streamline and improve your phone system

Many businesses have moved away from using landlines, and are looking to allow their staff to work away from the office.PBX (Private Branch Exchange) /Cloud phone systems allow this by virtualising the old landline (VoIP – voice over IP) and allowing it phone calls to be transmitted over the internet or within a private or internal network. This allows businesses to have many inbound phone numbers, call queues, and call routing (press 1 to speak to accounts, press 2 to speak to sales)

Benefits of our business phone system

A PBX can be set up allowing staff to call between different office locations, or between different areas within an office; these setups replace often expensive and large phone systems that were required within such businesses years ago.PBX’s can also be set up to allow mobile devices to connect to them over the internet, this allows staff to call using the office phone number even when working remotely.PBX’s will typically consist of a server hosted in the cloud, or on premise and allow a range of VoIP handsets to connect to them to make calls.If you would like any more information on installation or maintenance of your phone system, please contact us today.