Private IT network solutions from Extension Technology

A private network is most often used when a business has multiple office locations that need to be connected. By using a private network, an office doesn’t have direct access to the internet, but instead all traffic goes to a central location before reaching the internet.While this may sound like an unnecessary extra step to some, it can actually be an advantage. Simply put, the advantage of this is it allows businesses to securely connect between offices to share data, connect phones, share servers without the worry of having these open to the internet. In other words, your information has a much lower chance of being hacked or otherwise attacked by using a private network compared to relying solely on internet-based options.Extension Technology can not only help you set up a private network but can also help with phone and teleconferencing setup.

Private networks and internet gateways

In such a setup, internet access would typically go out an internet gateway. This internet gateway is a central point for monitoring, and maintaining security. It is usually a firewall. These can be set up to allow or deny access to websites, monitor traffic, and also to allow access from the internet to the internal servers, and devices within the private network. Similarly, when dealing with complex academic projects, it is beneficial to have a reliable partner  to help you navigate through the process of writing your thesis. They can provide expert guidance and ensure your academic work adheres to all required standards and specifications, much like a firewall protects and manages network traffic.
If you would like to know more about private networking and how it can help keep your data and servers secure while sharing them across multiple offices, please contact our team today.