2FA Auth

Two-factor authentication (2FA) security services

Two-factor authentication is a way to provide an extra level of security to ensure people accessing websites, other platforms, and servers are really who they say they are. Most platforms only have one level of authentication: a username and password. But it’s becoming more and more common for websites to have a second level of authentication to increase security and reduce the risk of hacking,With two-factor authentication, two sets of information are required for access. Usually username and password as well as a code often sent via email or phone before you can access your account.

Types of 2FA

There are two main types, one-time passwords (OTPs) and public key infrastructure (PKI). For most businesses OTP authentication can provide sufficient protection. However, for verticals which require a high level of assurance (for example e-health or e-government) then it may be necessary to use PKI authentication.

PKI authentication

Public key infrastructure is a form of asymmetric authentication. It relies on a pair of dissimilar encryption keys, usually a private encryption key as well as a public encryption key. Hardware PKI certificate-based tokens such as USB tokens and smart cards can be used to store a private encryption key securely.

OTP authentication

OTP is generated in two places: the authentication server and the software or hardware token in the person’s possession. As long as the token matches the OTP generated, then you will be granted access.

Extension Technology’s two-factor authentication (2FA) security

Our 2FA security products include:
  • PKI Authenticators
  • Out-of-band authentication
  • Physical and logical access control
  • One-time passwords (OTP) authenticators
To find the right 2FA security service for your business, it depends on the level of security you need both externally and internally. For more information, please contact us today.