Connectivity helps your business keep moving

Having a secure and reliable internal network is important for all sized businesses. A managed service provider can setup, upgrade and manage the internal network to ensure all of your business’s devices (laptops, PC’s, shared network storage (NAS), phones, tablets, printers) are connected reliably and without downtime.High speed network solutions are also required in many situations where large amounts of data need to be transferred between devices and storage. Some clients can also have a requirement for long range connectivity (wireless and fibre), such as on a large premise such as schools, manufacturing, building and retail.Extension Technology is able to provide for these, and many more, connectivity requirements through our range services. We work with clients in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast, and in Melbourne. Some of the IT connectivity services we provide include: private networking, business phone system setup, as well as teleconferencing software and hardware deployment.Whether you are just starting out or are looking to upgrade, Extension Technology has the connectivity solutions to suit any business of any size.

Private Network

We have multiple solutions available in this service. Depending on your business needs, we can look to create private networks using VPN between multiple office locations, or by partnering with a network provider (such as Channel Wireless, Telstra, AAPT, etc.), we can look to build pure private networks. A pure private network is one where all sites are connected in a private network before going out through an internet gateway.The advantage of having data on a private network that goes through the internet connection, rather than sole through the internet is that it’s safer for multiple locations to access the data. It also makes it easier to run backups and plan for disaster recovery.Our aim is to provide businesses like yours with a much more reliable connection over what is currently being used in many small businesses. For example, we can set up NBN with guaranteed speeds and uptime. This service would typically involve costs of connections, internet gateway, firewalling and usage costs.If you would like to know more, please visit our page about our private network services, or contact us.

Phone setup

With so many businesses moving away from traditional landline phones, now is a good time to look at digital solutions that are easy to scale, flexible and cater to the modern business’s requirements. For instance, if you have a remote team or workers, or multiple offices, calls can be received and forwarded from a desktop or laptop to another device rather than the costly and often cumbersome process that comes with physical phones across many locations.

Business phone systems

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and other cloud phone systems allow for a landline-free environment (or a reduced number of landlines) by virtualizing the old landline by using VoIP (which stands for voice over IP) and allowing for phone calls to be transmitted over the internet or within an internal or Private network. Virtualising the old landing by using VoIP also means you can use the office number through a mobile phone over the internet.Digitising your business phone system can make teleconferencing with staff easier and more affordable.If you would like to know more, please visit our page on business phone systems, or contact us.


Whatever your teleconferencing needs are; staff meetings, virtual workspaces, collaborations, or training, Extension Technology can help you. We offer teleconferencing software and hardware deployment, that can be hosted onsite or hosted through private branch exchange (PBX).Teleconferencing can be anything form video and audio conferencing, to audiographic, business television and distance education. If your business has many locations, and/or remote staff members, teleconferencing is more affordable, and more convenient.Especially if everyone’s already working from their laptop or home computer. Instead of staff either having to take hardware home, or buying a phone specifically for work, teleconferencing only requires the right piece of software for connectivity.Our expert team of managed service providers at Extension Technology can help assess your business needs and determine the best solution for you. If you would like to know more, please visit our page about our teleconferencing solutions, or contact us.

How Extension Technology’s IT connectivity services can help you

While our primary connectivity services are those listed above. Extension Technology also provides private internet tails connecting all of your office to our data centres, giving you low latency and high-speed access to your cloud hosted servers. It will also allow for a central management of network connectivity, firewalling and security.Quite often, it’s not a case of buying one of these services, but rather all three. Or, at the very least, having a conversation with one of our team to see what the best connectivity solution for your business is.For example: a private network will help to ensure ease-of-use and security with your internal data. This makes it easier for both your in-office and remote staff members to access necessary company information safely. Once such a private network is setup it is not too far a step to then setup your business phone system and teleconferencing solutions.

Upgrading existing connectivity services

If you have an existing but outdated network or phone system in place, we can upgrade and improve where necessary. This will help to ensure you have the most up-to-date, and efficient, connectivity solution available. Which can involve anything from updating an old landline phone system to the PBX with VoIP, or providing a more effective, safer private network.Our team is also able to upgrade old systems to integrate with new features we install. Whether you are just starting out or looking to upgrade, Extension Technology can help. If you would like more information on any of our connectivity solutions, please feel free to contact us today.