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Disaster Recovery

Quickly re-establish access to data, IT resources, and applications with disaster recovery of data

Disaster recovery is a strategy for responding to a disaster event which puts backups into action. And really, disaster recovery is an umbrella term which covers different types of data backup strategies.

Difference between backup and disaster recovery

The key difference between backing up data and disaster recovery of data is the scope of the process. A backup is actual copies of files or data, whereas disaster recovery is a preparing for a worst-case scenario. It involves knowing the answers to two questions:
  1. How will you manager customer relations if there is a data breach?
  2. Who is in charge of getting applications back online?
Disaster recovery means knowing application priority, and aligning a backup policy with a disaster recovery strategy. Which is the other way key difference between backup and disaster recovery. A backup is a solution whereas disaster recovery is a strategy that partly involves backing up data.

Extension Technology’s disaster recovery of data services

Our expert team of managed IT service providers, can help tailor a disaster recovery strategy to suit your business needs. This can include a strategy such as: having a redundant set of servers to switch over to while recovery work is being done on your primary servers.Don’t make the mistake many businesses make of confusing backups for disaster recovery. To ensure you keep your business running smoothly, you want to have a tested, robust disaster recovery plan in place.For more information about disaster recovery, please contact us today.