Hosted Email

Business email hosting for a reliable, quality, secure email service

Email hosting when done by professionals like the team at Extension Technology offers you excellent support, uptime and service. An email hosting service is quite simply an internet hosting service which operates email servers.This shouldn’t be viewed as a ‘nice to have’ but rather an important part of your business. Custom emails look more professional, and tend to get higher open rates than generic emails. Additionally, busines email hosting provides a level of security and protection that you will not get from any free service.

What to look for with hosted email service

Determining the best email hosting service for your business involve considering a few factors. These include:
  • being provided with custom domains.
  • security features like email encryption, virus protection and spam filters.
  • a decent size mailbox storage.
  • help for larger sized items to be emailed.
The advantage of having this set up as soon as possible is it can help to head off any possible data or communication breach which can occur with free email services. By having your email hosted with Extension Technology you are setting your business up for success from the outset.

Why you want a business email hosted by an Australian company

Having your email hosted with a local Australian business has many advantages such as:
  • technical support by Australian professionals.
  • multiple email address on a domain email.
  • value for money.
  • Australian-based hosting.
  • server reliability.
  • IMAP, Webmail and POP Accessibility.
We offer a subscription service to make the whole the process not only painless for you, but also affordable and reliable.If you would like to know more about business email hosting, please contact us today.