Data storage services

Small to medium businesses typically require large storage onsite, or in the cloud. Extension Technology offer deployment and setup of such devices or services.

Cloud-based storage

Our expert and experienced team can assess your storage needs and recommend the best solution for your business needs. With so many cloud-based server options available, it can be easy to become overwhelmed, or sucked into low-quality cloud servers with questionable security. When you work with Extension Technology, our cloud-based options are quick to setup and keep your data secure and easy to access.

On-site storage

Onsite devices are usually a NAS (network attached storage). This is a large server with many hard drives that are set up so if one or more hard drives fail, no data is lost. Our team can help ensure this is setup and deployed in the most efficient, effective and safe manner. As part of our commitment to quality of service, we also offer backup and disaster recovery services, to help ensure none of your data is lost.

Which data storage service is right for your business?

The right data storage service for your business depends on factors such as office space and budget. For example, online cloud storage is a cheaper alternative to buying a large data bank (NAS) onsite, and can also allow for fast remote access of these files for remote workers. Essentially, cloud-based data storage can be more convenient, affordable and efficient for a wider range of uses than an onsite data bank.If you would like more information about data storage services, and which is the right one for you, please contact us today.