Posted on: October 06th, 2020
Over the months of 2020 during this pandemic, we have seen a transition of the workforce from being based in the office to working from home. This has been a welcome change for some and others an inconvenience, however a topic that hasn’t been spoken about enough is the increased risk you have when not protected by your offices IT security strategy.A key difference between working from the office vs home is the layers of security. Most modern offices now incorporate an IT security strategy that protects the business on different layers, some of these may not be present in a home network.
  1. Endpoint Layer: Anti-Virus, Anti-Exploit & Malware protection for devices
  2. Network Layer: Network Traffic inspection and monitoring
  3. Perimeter Layer: Firewalls/Cloud Gateways external access protection
  4. User Layer: 2-Factor-Authentication/Multi-Factor-Authentication
Extension Technology offers security services in structured plans that allows a business to choose their level of protection with a collective of services and protections recommended by the Australian Cyber Security Centre. We aim to not only provide you with the right services but to also create a cybersecurity strategy to secure your business.