Posted on: January 13th, 2024

Yo, yo, listen up to the legal beat
We got some topics that can’t be beat

Is Gogoanime legal in Canada? I need a clear answer
Before I hit play, make sure it’s fair and square

What’s the law of industrial and intellectual property PDF?
I need to know what’s mine, so I gotta study

NAFTA, baby, it’s a trade agreement
Between which countries, can you give me a hint?

Law colleges in Bangalore, I wanna rank wise
Where’s the best? Top law colleges in Bangalore rise

Do nonprofits pay sales tax on purchases?
Teach me the rules, I don’t wanna mess up

Midwifery law and ethics, I need to read
Understanding legal and ethical considerations is what I need

When in trouble, you need a lawyer, this ain’t a game
Jim Hensley law firm is the name

An artificial person created by law, what does that mean?
Tell me all about it, I need to be keen

Court abbreviations in South Africa, what’s the deal?
Show me the way, give me the complete guide and list

Is certificate of commencement of business mandatory?
Make it clear, I don’t wanna be wary